Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vote and you shall receive...

The White House

Office of the Press Secretary

For Immediate Release
November 17, 2010

Statement by the President on the Paycheck Fairness Act

I am deeply disappointed that a minority of Senators have prevented the Paycheck Fairness Act from finally being brought up for a debate and receiving a vote. This bill passed in the House almost two years ago; today, it had 58 votes to move forward, the support of the majority of Senate, and the support of the majority of Americans. As we emerge from one of the worst recessions in history, this bill would ensure that American women and their families aren’t bringing home smaller paychecks because of discrimination. It also helps businesses that pay equal wages as they struggle to compete against discriminatory competition. But a partisan minority of Senators blocked this commonsense law. Despite today’s vote, my Administration will continue to fight for a woman’s right to equal pay for equal work.

I feel like I am being a bit if a political bully lately but COME ON! The press release below is infuriating. What century are we living in and what kind of message does this send to all the hard working women out there? Woman can and certainly are doing it all, and for less.

What makes me the most upset? For all the people out there that are jumping on the "republicans are going to get the country back to where it needs to be" marketing/PR extraveganza! Well you can sleep well knowing that not a SINGLE republican supported the Paycheck fairness act.

Remember the dog and pony show the republicans put on after the recent elections? The one where they proclaimed they want Washington to work better? Well, blocking a common sense measure to ensure women get equal pay doesn't leave a good taste in my mouth!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

My sentiments exactly...

I am amazed at how selfish people have become in this county. The next two years should be...interesting.