Monday, July 14, 2008

a BIG weekend!

AND it's not over! It started Saturday with my wedding shower! It was a really nice afternoon with friends and family AND some yummy food. Thaks Mom and Mel! It was a lot of fun and a nice relaxing part of the wedding process. Sunday it was back to work again, on planning that is. Mike and I spent a few hours at the Abbey finalizing our table arrangements and all the many, many details you would never think of including a timeline for the day. We also spent about an hour outside picking the perfect spot the our ceremony to take place :) We found an area that is partially shaded, so you can thank us later!

Today I had another dress fitting which went great and then we were off to the florist, just finalizing all the last minute details. Tomorrow we will be getting are marriage license and heading back to Chicago... PHEW!!!

P.S I will post some shower pics soon! AND thanks again everyone!

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