Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th!

The 4th of July is such a great day, especially when the weather cooperates! Since I was a kid it's always been one of my favorite holidays. Probably because it was the one day of the year my parents were good for taking me out late and letting me stay up late.

Maybe it's self induced karma, but the 4th has remained and a great holiday for me! Four years ago, after months of looking, I finally made a connection with a pup and brought little Dixie home. I remember I had a 4 day weekend because of the holiday and figured it was a great time to try my luck with a new puppy.

Then, one year later, on July 5, 2007, Mike and I had our first date. We met at Ten Cat, a bar close to both of our places after learning that we lived less than a mile from each other. Little did I(or Mike I'm guessing) know then that 7 months later he would be proposing to me outside of the bar :) Apparently the 4th of July is a lucky holiday for me!

This is the earliest picture I have of me and Mike. It was taken on St. Patty Day night 2008. Unfortunately I lost a bunch of photos from 2006-2007 :(

I hope everyone has a safe and happy 4th of July! I'll report back if anything "lucky" happens this year!

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melissa said...

I love this holiday b/c of the fact that 2 important family members came into our lives ;)
Love you Mikey and Doodle
thanks for blogging ;)
Have a fun 4th/celebratory weekend!