Friday, September 10, 2010

Upholstery 101

This past week I started my much anticipated upholstery class. I decided to take this class for a few reasons, 1.) I have a sewing machine that has been sitting in my closet for over 5 years because I can't figure out how to thread it! I figure after this class I should at least me able to do that! 2.) I have a hideous green chair that I love that I picked up when I was about 16 and have always wanted to do something cool with it. 3.) I think it will be really cool to learn the construction of things. 4.) Someday when my husband is done with school and gainfully employed maybe I can do some side work!

My first class was Tuesday evening. I met my classmates, it is a small class, only 3other people and the teach. It is a very laid back class and the teach is very fun. The first day we learned how to thread our machines and bobbins. Which sounds simple, but as mentioned, I have failed at this for over 5 years. At any rate, with his great skills I was able to pick up pretty quickly. The machines we are learning on are industrial so I felt even more accomplished. On Wednesday I had my second class and look what I made!

The lines aren't really a design or anything, we were simply practicing sewing straight lines, but the final project was a bar stool cover! I was quit proud of my creation and a little amazed I was able to do this in just 2 classes. This is a 5 week class so I am excited for all the new techniques I will be learning! Will keep the blog posted of course!


melissa said...

the first thing jeff said when i told him you were taking the class is, "I bet she's doing it so she can cover the green chair" haha. glad you're enjoying it ;)

Kelsey said...

"teach" lol