Tuesday, March 25, 2008

August 2, 2008 - The date!

After searching the Quad Cities high and low we found the perfect place for both our ceremony and reception. We were even able to book a Saturday this year which ended up being a real challenge! AUGUST 2, 2008!!!!


Above is a link to the Abbey Hotel where our ceremony will take place. We are crossing our fingers that the weather will be beautiful so we can have an outdoor ceremony in the gardens at the hotel. If there is rain, as our florist has predicted based on the Farmer's Almanac, there is a beautiful chapel in the hotel. On the site you will also find the link to the Abbey Station, a beautiful, historic train depot where the reception will be!

We are both so excited and will be posting updates on here regularly. In the next few weeks we will have hotel options posted for those who will be traveling. The Abbey Hotel is about a ten minute drive from the Station so we are not recommending you stay there. We have a certain hotel with a certain lounge singer in mind... hopefully we can get a block of rooms!


Momma W said...

How neat. What beautiful pictures for two beautiful people and a couple of lucky pets. What a wonderful wedding it will be.
Love you both

The Rusk's said...

Hey, I meant to call you to congratulate you but as you know I haven't done that yet! Well, congratulations!!!!! We're happy for both of you. Looking forward to keeping up with the wedding plans via the blog!!!! Love, Lynn & Bob

The Wilbrichts in Dubuque said...

Angie & Mike,

The blog is relly cool! Great pictures! The entire family is looking forward to your wedding. I'm sure it will be very elegant! When we got married 14 years ago we thought we had a high tech wedding having home movies projected on a screen at the reception. Times have really changed and the blog is just one special thing that will really make your wedding plans fun,exciting and memorable for everyone in the months to come!

Love, Mariko, Bob, Cole, Alec, Joel & Lia Wilbricht

furlong family said...

Congratulations! We are all very excited for the wedding. The next few months will be very busy for you all. Let me know if we can help in any way(we would love to). See you both soon.

love, Rene'e, Dan, Brooke, Karissa And Alexis

Angie and Mike's Wedding said...

Wow, that was really high tech 14 years ago! I wonder what people will be doing 14 years from now!

Thanks for all the congrats!

Becky said...

Sweet! I've always wanted to check this place out. Oh wait, am I invited? ha ha

Angie and Mike's Wedding said...

You better be there! And your job is to keep the dance floor going!