Monday, October 27, 2008

Es Muy Frio!

Saturday night Mike and I went to dinner at La Flama. Our friend Carly recommended the joint for their salsa dancing and food! For those of you who are familiar with the Quad Cities, you know that a good Mexican restaurant is hard to come by. There was Chi Chi's for many years, Carlos O Kelley's and that place on Brady street that I went to once or twice. None of which really impressed me, and after living in Chicago for ten years I'm even more spoiled!

It took us a while to find La Flama, I thought it was going to be in west Moline but it turns out La Flama is right in the downtown area. Upon entering we were hopeful, the warm vibrant colors made the place alive, and there were quite a few people dining. I felt, for a minute, like I was home(Chicago). Not what I expected, but I was pleasently surprised. We started off with a couple of drinks, my margarita was awesome and just what I needed, the chips and salsa were very tasty too. One thing I've never understood are Mexican restuarants with gross salsa, if they can't get that right... La Flama's salsa passed my test with flying colors.

The service was super fast and the waitress friendly. I opted for a combo platter that included: a bean, soft corn tortilla taco, and guacomole tostada, and a veggie enchilada, all were great and really hit the spot! Mike had a streak burrito that enjoyed as well along with his Pina Colada haha!

I can't say La Flama was as good as Mi Tierra, my Chicago fav, but it was really close. I can say we found a REALLY GOOD Mexican restaurant in the QC!

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