Thursday, December 31, 2009

On to the next!

I am a huge fan of NYE. NYE means a new start, new hopes, new chances, new dreams and a little bit of bubbly. My hopefullness usually comes to a crashing halt the morning of Jan 1 when my hangover kicks in, but for one night it is a glorious feeling.

I wish I had a blog devoted to NYE only. I'd say from 16 on my NYE celebrations have been something for the books, minus the 2008 To Catch A Predator marathon Mike and I got sucked into before finally heading out to our fav bar around midnight lol.

Hmm, I think 95 was the year I spent at my friend Carly's house dancing around the living room to Rancid all night then a morning mountain at Ross'. Nevermind that we spent the next day sanding her parents coffee table before they got home.

Then there was 2000 spent at JR's, the best dance bar ever in the Quad Cities that is no longer.

2001 was Spin in Chicago where my ex gay boyfriend was drugged, I think. Julie and I threw him in bed then went out for breakfast. That was a fun one, in fact, I just used one of the commemoritve champagne glasses this past weekend.

Julie and I through one in 2002 at our place. I remember pretty lights, being in the neighbors apartment and that's about it.

There were a few at Neo. A year where I hit up parties at both Erin's and Julies places and last year at the Lodge.

This year Mike and I are having a little pre-party at our place before heading out to Late Bar. I am so excited to go here since it just opened this past Saturday and my favorite Chicago DJ is the owner. With our great group of friends going I am SURE there will be fun pics to post once my hangover subsides. Late Bar will be rockin the 80's tunes all night, and I found the perfect dress for the occasion yesterday.

NYE is always so random and this year I look forward to the new with a sparkle in my eye. LOL

Feliz Navidad Dos

After Mike's family head back to the East Coast, Mike and I headed to Iowa for another Christmas. My Mom had her annual day after party two days after Christmas this year so we were able to see the entire family, minus Brad and clan.

We arrived Sunday for another gorge fest of cookies and pizza. There was lots of family, food, presents and fun times. We also ate at Thunder Bay Grill. This used to be one of my favorite restaurants in the QC for years, but it went downhill for a while. I'm happy to say they revamped a bit and now have a full tapas menu. I tried a mahi mahi taco, caprese martini and old bay style shrimp cocktail. It was all very tasty!

I snapped a couple of great pictures, but unfortunately missed out on the men in the family. I swear, they do exist on the Wilbricht side!

Friday, December 25, 2009

A Christmas of New Traditions

This Christmas has been full of new, exciting traditions. For one, this is my first Christmas in ten years in Chicago. I absolutely love Chicago during the holidays. It is just so relaxing and laid back since most of the city is off of work and in good spirits. This year Mike's parents came from Rhode Island to spend the holidays with us. Aside from a flight delay and then delayed luggage we have been having a lot of fun.

I made Christmas Eve dinner, lots of wine, cheese, pasta and a yummy pecan pie. I then attended my first Catholic mass. Christmas morning Mike made us all a great breakfast and I made the mimosas. YUM! After breakfast we opened gifts from Santa and Mike's parents. Mike and I and Dixie, Finn and Kira all enjoyed our gifts. I love surprises and well, was actually surprised this year!!

During the afternoon we visited the Garfield Conservatory to stretch our legs, then had a cozy dinner at Fireside Grill. I have to give a shout out the the awesome peppermint mousse with crushed chocolate Mike and I shared for dessert!

Tomorrow we are going to have a low key breakfast at home then head out to the Museum of Science and Industry and then a sushi dinner. Mike parents leave Sunday and the time has just gone too fast. I really enjoy their company and wish we got to see them more.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

We all miss the sun

Unlike her brother Dixie has a new habit that is pretty darn cute. She must be missing the sun because she sure loves it when I put the computer lamp on the floor so she can "sun" herself.

A message from Bobbi Brown

Last week we received an early Christmas gift from Mike's Dad and Heidi. This past August when we visited them in Maine we had so much fun playing their Wii, so they sent us one of our own! I love the special note from Bobbi, Mike's lil sis. Now I don't have to feel guilty when I skip the gym because it's ZERO out!

Remember the nine lives?

Well now our big buddy has a death wish.

Our big monster has picked up a new habit. Let me tell you, I am about to stop drinking coffee because they are such a pain to clean up.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

a list to beat all lists

i am such a sucker for lists. top ten, year in review, embarrassing moments ect. and this is the time of year that the media likes to go crazy with them. you can bet my dvr is set for what i consider to be the kick off, Barbara Walters Most Fascinating People of 2009.

tonight while perusing perez i came upon a funny video and although i think they missed a few things, this was obviously made pre-Tiger drama, i got a laugh out of it. it kind of reminds me of the E Hollywood wrap up every friday night on the Daily 10, which is always a treat when i catch it.