Sunday, June 6, 2010


Sunday morning I met up with my good friends Erin and Maureen for brunch. Maureen is expecting and I hadn't seen her baby bump yet! We decided to try out a new place so we could catch up and the bump could be revealed :)

Treat is an inventive restaurant in an up and coming neighborhood called Humboldt Park in Chicago. It features American fare with inspiration from India. I really wasn't sure what to expect but I was very pleasantly surprised by the fresh, flavorful creative dishes!

I decided to go with an omelet, I ordered one up with leeks, mushrooms and spinach. It came with rye toast and fantastic spicy potatoes. They were so good!

I kept on my very bad streak and also ordered a single pancake. I really wanted to try them because they sounded to good to pass up. I figured eh, what the hay.

The pancake was topped with honey chevre mousse and chai syrup. I was so glad I ordered it, I only ate about half, but would have finished it if I could!!

Treat is now on my top 5 brunch spots in the city and this is despite the fact that they don't serve alcohol. A bloody mary and/or mimosa are pretty integral parts of the brunch equation for me, but Treat is so good, I have no problem forgoing. In fact, I already told Mike we are going next weekend!

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melissa said...

sounds like a great weekend full of good food and company :)
miss.your.face. xoxo