Sunday, June 6, 2010

a fabulous weekened of good eats and shopping

this weekend was just off the charts as far as food goes! i have to admit, i went into the weekend knowing i needed to be bad. i just felt empty and like i'd been too good all week.

friday night we dodged a thunderstorm, which would have left us house bound because of Finn, and headed out to Dunley's on the Square. It was not an easy decision, sometimes when I am really hungry my expectations are unreasonable, but as it was we figured it out.

One thing I LOVE about Dunley's is their ceviche, a citrus marinated dish served as an appetizer. SO GOOD! I inhaled this along with am AMAZING cocktail that really hit the spot, it was some sort of bourbon, triple sec and lemonade concoction. O yes, it was a dream, and yes I ordered another.

We hadn't been to Dunley's since before we moved so you can imagine how excited I was when I saw a new addition on the menu, the grilled vegetable platter. I was in heaven and snapped a pic after I had already dug in.

Mike ordered the cuban sandwich, a fav of my Dad's, he enjoyed his too.

After a lovely dinner outside, we decided to walk around the square a little bit to burn off some cals, lol. I snapped a few pics.

On the way back to the car I spotted New Wave coffee house and got a chai tea, and umm a vegan chocolate chip cookie. Yep, I ated a lot Friday night!

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