Sunday, October 24, 2010

Before and After

Look at little Purrl! I can't even believe that this is the same sick little kitty Mike found 2 months ago. She has really beat the odds and is thriving as a fun, playful little kitten!

Last night Dixie got her room back and Purrl had free reign of the apartment with her sister Kira while we slept. Dixie's bed had temporarily been relocated to the living room while Purrl got the rest, and strength she needed sleeping alone in our 2nd bedroom. This morning when we woke up, everyone was still alive and settled in their beds, phew!

All the animals are getting along which is great! There were a few rough weeks when none of them would settle, but everyone is adjusted now. I even caught Dixie and Purrl sleeping butt to butt yesterday. So, cute!

If anyone ever finds a feral kitten, don't be afraid! It is possible to help them come back with some good ol tlc.

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melissa said...

she's getting so big!!!! <3 her