Monday, October 11, 2010

Upholstery 101 Graduate

Last week my beginners upholstery class wrapped up. I completed my final project and passed with flying colors. I managed to snap some images of all of my class projects.

My first project was in a previous post. It was a bar stool cover if you need a memory jogger.

My second project was a pillow, I also learned piping. It was a great way to brush up on my sewing skills, that I hadn't applied since college. Notice the slightly messed up fleur de lis I stitched on the front! Had to add my own personal twist!

For the third project I learned more about construction. This technique could be used in creating an upholstered head board or a chair. I stitched a pattern on the front for fun and used foam, board and a staple gun to secure the materials. I also honed my piping skills on this one. Again, my personal twist here was green for Mike, his favorite color and a shout out to Halloween/Day of the Dead, two upcoming holidays.

The fourth project was to learn how to insert zippers. This is great to know since I plan on making pillow covers soon to replace the current ones on my couch.

For my final project I opted to make a sewing machine cover for my sewing machine that has officially found a home on what used to be my desk. I didn't want to be overly ambitious on this final project. My main goal was to really learn pattern making. All in all it turned out great!

The class was a success and I really enjoyed myself so much so that another student and I worked out a second class with the instructor which I am super excited about. Next up is intermediate upholstery and I am ready to tackle some furniture pieces including a green chair that I have had forever! Don't worry, there will be before and after pictures!

The new class will meet every Monday and Thursday starting next week for two hours a night. I am excited to keep up with upholstery and keep telling myself that in 10 years I will be an expert! Afterall a great craft takes time!

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melissa said...

I'm so glad you get to start the next level so soon!!!
You'll be a pro before you know it :)
Good job on all of your projects!