Sunday, October 24, 2010

Hot Woks Cool Sushi

Finally, a new sushi place has arrived in our neighborhood! We live in walking distance to many great restaurants but have been lacking a good sushi option close by. Mike and I were ecstatic to see Hit Woks open up literally overnight!

I have been meaning to blog about this place for a while, the pictures are from our first dining experience about a month ago, and we have already since been back! This is due mostly to the fact that their menu rocks the roll of all rolls, in my opinion.

The Mega Vega!

It's not just for vegetarians. Mega Vega is packed with tempura sweet potato, broccoli, beets, cucumbers, avocados. It is amazing! I almost didn't order it because I am not a fan of broccoli, but I have to say, the broccoli provided a nice nutty flavor that really makes the roll.

The Mega Vega even inspired a new salad mix that we have been enjoying at home. Greens, beets, broccoli, avocado with a sweet vidallia onion dressing, yum!

I really like the decor at hot woks, simple, modern, with a nice color palette of brown, green and orange that really pops!

They even have a sense of humor that comes through in their menu, check out the Mount Fuji!

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melissa said...

yummmmmm, we have got to go there!