Monday, May 5, 2008

Hotel Update

hey guys,
by now you probably received the save the date info. i heard back from a few people that they were having a hard time booking a room at the lodge.

i now have a block, if you are able to come and chose to stay at the lodge, please call Loretta at 563.823.2524 and reserve a room under Wilbricht.

i talked to the reservations manager at the hotel, the general reservation number is out of a call center in dubuque of all places. when i called initially i had some trouble with them... loretta was very helpful, hopefully things run a little more smoothly now that she is our direct contact!

i know a few people have already booked their rooms!

see ya!


Becky said...

Less than 3 months to go...woo hoo!

Alysia and Jeremy said...

Hey Angie and Mike!!!! It's getting closer and closer to the "big day"! We can't wait it will be so much fun!!!!Jeremy and I just made our hotel reservations. We are staying at the Ramada Inn. It sounds nice, (and in our price range)!!!! Im sure we'll talk to you sooner than later!! Have fun making the last minute plans!!!!!

Angie said...

GREAT! I'm really glad you booked a room! woo hoo! Believe it or not, I am finding hotels actually sell out in the QC!