Friday, January 2, 2009

Motivation in 2009

I managed to get out of bed today for a few hours. What was my motivation? Well, I needed to work off my NYE sushi dinner, New Years Day breakfast...eggs, hashbrowns and ummm three blueberry muffins. My New Years Day Drunken Noodle dish from Exotic Thai and the coldstone we took home to eat in bed. YIKES!! So, Mike and I went to the gym this afternoon to alleviate some of the guilt. We both did an hour on the eliptical machine while watching Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations. In the end I burned 617 calories and Mike over suck! hahaha. I then diligently lifted my weights for about 20 minutes and added a twist this time. Between each rep I did jumped rope 30 times. It's been years since I jumped rope and let me tell you, at 6 it's cute, at 30 it aint pretty!! Hopefully this made up for my day of indulging...and hopefully this means I can eat a rueben sometime this weekend!!

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