Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wow, do I heart Moby

2008 brought us a new Moby album. It's been on my list to download or purchase for some time. I just received it in the mail yesterday. Moby has a way with words, I read his blog daily have enjoyed his lyrical writing for years. I absolutely love the album "Last Night" and what I really love is Moby's inspiration in creating the album. Below is an excerpt Moby wrote in regards to the album, takes me back to my younger years, and not so younger years:

"i started going out in new york city in the early 80's. my friends and i would get on the train and sneak to manhattan and go to the mudd club and peppermint lounge and the fallout shelter and danceteria and CB's and a-7 and the ritz. we'd stay out until 7 a.m and then sneak back to conneticut on the metro-north train, sometimes getting back to darien in time for high school. i honestly don't think that a week has gone by in 25 years that i haven't gone out to a bar or a nightclub or a house party, sometimes to dance, sometimes to dj, sometimes to drink, sometimes just to be lost in an ocean of other people at 3 a.m. maybe that's depressing to you, i don't know, i think it's fantastic. daytime is nice. you can see things. birds are out. people are at work. but nighttime is, simply better. people look better at night. things are more interesting. you can hide better. you can get lost more easily. and music is different at night. this album is about going out(in nyc and anywhere else). it's me trying to take 25 years of going out in nyc and condensing it into a 65 minute record. it's also trying to condense an 8 hour night into just over an hour of music. a night out can ideally contain a multitude of experiences, from the celebratory to the despairing to the comforting to the frightening to the conventional to the transcendent. very simply to me this record sounds like a night out in new york, with all the sex and weirdness and the disorientation and the celebration and the compelling chaos. if you're out some night in nyc i'm sure we'll run into each other. see, i go out way to much and i always have."- moby, nyc 2008

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Mike said...

more true words hath never been spoken...there is nothing quite like the sense of accomplishment that accompanies watching the sun rise after a fantastic night out...