Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Did we bite off more than we can chew?

Wow, Mike and I have been spending the last few days "gardening" and let me tell you. This yard is no joke! I wish I had more before pictures but I only have the one with Finn that I previously posted, you get the idea though. The yard was out of control!

Yesterday was well, let's call it demolition day.

I mean, it already looks more like a yard but honestly, neither Mike nor myself know the first thing about landscaping. In fact, I mentioned to him yesterday if we owned the place I'd be calling the professionals right about now. When our neighbors asked us what we will be planting Mike replied "O, some grass and some mulch" LOL, obviously we are amateurs. Hopefully we get out of this without leaving a mess! And if you have any recommendations, by all means, let us know!

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