Thursday, February 11, 2010

Boy, did I need this!

Tonight I was really craving something sweet. A 100 cal pack of chocolate cookies or a soy ice cream sandwich(my only options) just weren't going to cut it. I did some fridge digging and decided to experiment. It was quite simple in the end actually.

I cut up a banana, heated up a skillet on low, sprayed the bananas with a little spray butter, sprinkled them with some splenda brown sugar and cooked them for a few minutes.

Next I pulled out some fat free vanilla. I definitely prefer Breyers to any other brand. Funny thing is I tried the Breyers light and I actually think the fat free is better!

I ended up with one amazing dessert! Best thing, it's totally guilt free!


Mike said...

hey! not fair!

melissa said...

Why didn't mike get any!?

I'm totally going to copy that this weekend :)

Mike said...

i was in class

melissa said...

she better make that for you this weekend then... i'm gonna call bulls*it on her for that one!