Monday, February 15, 2010

King Cakes, Hearts and Babies

This weekend has gone way too fast, even with it being 3 days and all. Saturday night we drive out to the burbs to visit our friends Shay and Bianca. They cooked up an amazing southern style dinner, fried catfish, greens, blackeye peas, fried okra and cornbread. It was delicious!! We also got to meet their new little bean, two month old Amelie Maeve. She was so good, and very cute. Mike and I brought a King Cake for dessert in celebration of Mardi Gras. As luck would have it, I got the baby, which contrary to what my friends believe it means, actually means a year of good luck. Yay for me!

Sunday was Vday and also the 2 year anniversary of our engagement, awwww. We spent the day relaxing, got in a good workout at the gym. Busted out the champagne around 530 and headed out the dinner at Red Light, one of my fav restaurants.

We started with cocktails and lobster rolls, then ordered our entrees. I had the pan seared diver scallops with porcini mushroom polenta and jakarta coconut sauce. Mike had the asian paella, chinese sausage, mussels, clams, jumbo prawns, with basmati rice and lobster tamarind sauce. A little different than they do it out East.

After dinner we ordered dessert. I really came for Jackie's Chocolate Bag, it is a must whenever dining at Red Light. It is literally a milk chocolate bag filled with Belgian white chocolate mousse, with berries and raspberry sauce. We skipped the coffee and ordered champagne to go along side. So good!

After, we made our way home and sang a little karaoke lol, it was quite a site. Tomorrow I am off to Texas for work until Friday :( I am dreading being away from my sweetie after a great weekend.

Hope everyone else had a fabulous Valentine's Day! xoxo


Vanessa said...

I'm also working away from my sweetie now - it sucks. Hope the week flies by for you! And that chocolate bag looks amazing! YUUUMMM!

The Rusk's said...

Looks like you had a great V-Day! Can't believe you were engaged two years ago already...time flies!

melissa said...

We had a King Cake last night, we took it over to Mom and Dads...
but our baby was just sitting ontop not inside. Dad and I both said... isn't the baby supposed to be inside?!
I'm glad you had a nice Vday... you and Sweetie are so lucky to have eachother :)
See you in 48 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!