Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hangin with my QC peeps

First, let me start off by saying I am a bad bad blogger lately. I started a new job in September and my blogging just kind of dropped off. I have been working my a$$ off, not literally unfortunetely and finding a work life balance has been really challenging. I work harder and longer hours than I EVER have in my entire life! Needless to say I am working on the balance thing for sanity.

Anyways after a long week of working in Houston, I enjoyed some good food and good company with my sister and her hubs. It started on Friday evening, they got in around 8, Mike and I decided to cook at home. I need something fast, healthy and good. I was able to flip through the most recent better homes and gardens on the plane and decided to try out a recipe called Beef, mushroom and onion tart:

12 oz lean ground beef, I used a bag of morningstar farm crumbles to make this a vegetarian friendly meal for yours truely
1 8oz package of sliced mushrooms
1/2 a medium red onion cut in thin wedges
1/4 teaspoon of salt
1/4 teaspoon of pepper
1 13.8 oz pkg refridgerated pizza dough (I used the pillsbury thick because it had the least fat)
oregano and or italian seasoning to taste
3 oz of blue cheese crumbles (I used reduced fat)

Heat oven to 375, In 12" skillet brown beef or fake beef, with onions mushrooms salt and pepper for about 8 minutes, drain if you use beef

Grease or spray large baking sheet,roll dough to fill 15x12 inch pan.

Top dough with beeef mixture, keep filling within 1 1/2" of all edges, fold efges over the filling pleating as needed.

Bake tart for 15 minutes. Top with oregano and italian seasoning.

I cut this into 4 pieces and we each sprinkled on our blue cheese.

Each serving was roughly 14 grams of fat and 450 calories, served along side a salad for a healthy, quick meal!

We talked had a few drinks then hit the sack!

The next morning I wanted to start off with a healthy breakfast because I knew we'd be induldging later with a late lunch/early dinner or dunch as I like to call it.

I made an egg white scramble with spinach and a little 2% light cheese along with a fruit salad. No, I did not cut pineapple into stars as Mel thought, I simply cut up a tasty starfruit.

After an episode of Real Housewives and showering we headed out to Kuma's, which I previously blogged about. I knew Mel and Jeff had to experience it.

We arrived at Kuma's around 4 and there was already a 2 and 1/2 hour wait. Wow, this place never stops! We got smart this time and headed over the Square Bar across the street to wait it out where we enjoyed some tasty beverages, a delicious hummus platter and took some artsy photos.

The hummus deserves honorable mentioned because it was so good!

Around 7 we were FINALLY seated for dunch and served around 745. Yowza!

Mel and I ended up ordering the same thing, the Iron Maiden, we were good and ordered veggie burgers instead of beef or chicken and salads instead of fries!

My favorite to drink with this delicious feast is a dry cider they serve, light and refreshing with a lil alcohol for kicks.

Mike opted to not go healthy and did the Kuma Burger and fries, look at that!

We all enjoyed our dinners, took a few more pics and headed out.

The next morning we had brunch at John's Place, a cute restaurant around the corner from us, got our bloody mary on and headed off to Ikea before saying a tearful goodbye.

a little disclaimer, spell check is not working this evening! apologies for typos


melissa said...

you didn't put up the pic of you biting my face!!!! looks like all we did was eat all weekend lol

The Adventuresome Road to Where? said...

welcome to my world, every weekend is about eating highs for me. it keeps me going! o and that pic was a mobile one!

Kelsey said...

sounds like a great weekend... I also thought you cut out the stars for a second haha!

The Rusk's said...

Looks like you had another great weekend. I'm amazed at the variety of healthy meals that you come up with...I'm very impressed with your culinary ability! And I also thought you used a cute little star cookie cutter on pineapple...I have never heard of starfruit...I'll have to look for some. My comment on "work/life balance"....HAHA. In fact, about two years ago my employer substituted the word "balance" with "management"! Good luck finding the balance....if you do be sure to let me know how you did it....perhaps it won't be too late for me!

The Adventuresome Road to Where? said...

ha, i can't imagine cutting little stars out of pineapple, the starfruit is much easier. lynn, your comment about "work management" made me want to vomit. when employers say things like that i find myself getting really angry, lol. i mean seriously, i give you 40 hours, you give me my check and leave me alone!

furlong family said...

Just to set the record straight...there are some people in Iowa that have heard of star fruit...even a 12 year old...

The Adventuresome Road to Where? said...

hahha, so glad i am not the only one who knows of the starfruit!! i was starting to get worried!

Julie said...

did you really cry when you said goodbye?