Saturday, May 29, 2010

my treasure

As mentioned in my previous post, last weekend Mike and I went to Volo Antique Mall with a guy Mike works with and his wife. We spent a few hours going through 4 of the 5 buildings just filled with antiques. It was quit a treat!

My lovely mother in law sent me some birthday money so I had a little bit to play with all in the name of a gift for yours truly. Towards the end of the day, in the last building, I saw a print that caught my eye. I am constantly on the lookout for new art work and rarely find things that I love but at first glance, I loved this print!

Mike ended up making a "deal" and we got 10% off the asking price, despite the fact that the owner had just put it on the floor that morning. Nicely done sweetie!

I came home and googled my treasure and after some searching I found it!

What I purchased was a Deco Courcelles Print Lady and the Fish Bowl c. 1920-1930 by a French Artist.

Description: We offer a wonderful Deco print from the hand of Courcelles. It shows a reddish haired woman gazing at a fish bowl in her diaphanous robe. It is entitled "Meditations". A stunning larger item that is beautifully done. Please excuse glass reflections.

My print came framed in a pretty cool looking old frame, but eventually I will probably have it redone. I have to say I was quite happy with my purchase! I waited for buyers remorse to kick in but it didn't! After learning the value I was please that we paid only a fraction of what it is listed at here. Score!

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melissa said...

LOVE it!! Very good find!