Saturday, August 28, 2010

From here to Maine and back again

Mike and I returned from our trip to Maine last Saturday. We have a new addition to our family, which has kept me very busy this week and I am just now, finally finding a quiet moment to blog! Don't worry, the new addition will have a proper introduction coming soon!

Mike and I spent a lovely week in Maine visiting his parents, and seeing his mom and David's new home. His parents recently retired, sold there home in Rhode Island and moved to Maine to fulfill a lifetime dream. Their house looked fantastic and is in the a quaint, cute, charming town of Wiscasset, ME. Wiscasset is an interesting mix of vacationers, locals and some quirky birds that own the local businesses.

We did our fair share of exploring this trip which kicked off with a 4 hour drive to Rhode Island. My husband loves the Washington County fair. He grew up living for this fair all summer as a kid. Mike's parents are members of the local grange so they also drove back for their annual ticket selling shift. About a month in advance we did a little research online and decided to book a room at the General Stanton Inn. It looked familiar to me on the website and was close to the fair. It also hosts an outdoor flea market that takes place every weekend. Perfect...or so I thought.

We arrived, checked in, even had a beer at the bar before heading to the flea market. Spent some time at the fair, had a great dinner at one of our local favs. Upon returning to the Inn, we decided to walk to the nearby gas station to grab some water. This is when it hit me why the Inn looked so familiar. "Um, sweetie? Was the Inn on an episode of Ghost Hunters? Is this the place you told me was right by your house growing up when we were watching it?" Not a word, but I got a look. I quickly said "Don't tell me I don't want to know." Followed by a "You're not saying anything, it is the place!" AHHHHHH, and so my adventure and sleepless night began.

To make a long story short, we snuck into some rooms with crazy old antiques. I faked being possessed several times and then Mike fell asleep. I think around 2am I dozed off for 25 minutes, had a dream the General was choking me, and pretty much layed awake for the rest of the night. No paranormal experiences, just me being a freak.

The rest of a trip was a blast. Went on a Midcoast wine tour with Mike's mom and David where we visited local farms and wineries escorted on a Trolly. We explored Wiscasset which is known for having great antiques as there are 22 antiques shops, which is a lot for such a small town! We ate great food, visited Portland, hung out with Bobbi Brown and really fell in love with the area. It is now on my list of possible places to live along with Austin and Nola.

We were sad to leave and plan to stay for 2 weeks next year! Mike is already planning a trip back in January. Here are some pics of the fun times we had!

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Kelsey said...

sounds like a great time! I don't think I could have stayed at that hotel though... I try and stay clear possible ghosts. heebie jeebies!