Sunday, August 8, 2010

Being a Tourist

This weekend my parents came down for a fun afternoon in the city. They arrived Friday afternoon on the most perfect weather day we've had here in a long time. We had a lite lunch, including a new recipe I was experiementing with. I made a white bean pesto flatbread and will post the recipe next time I make it and snap a picture. Next, we trained it downtown and perused jewelers row before an afternoon Wendella boat ride. We took the 75 minutes architectural river tour and it was just stunning. I really take for granted all the beautiful sights that surround me here in Chicago. It was nice to take a minutes and listen to the history while relaxing with an icy cold beer along the river. I snapped some cool photos while on the tour.

Later in the evening we had a really good dinner at Dunley on the Square, where I introduced my mom to ceviche. She's not a big fan of fish, but seemed to really enjoy the citrusy ceviche! We stopped for a nightcap along the way home then ended the night with a little Wii bowling.

The next morning Mike suprised us all by stopping at Bleeding Heart Bakery and boy, am I glad he did! I think I will be dreaming about these pastries until the next time we get them. I thought about getting more this today, but figured, I better pace myself and wait until next weekend at least!

Mike picked up a blueberry muffin, banana walnut muffin, almond raspberry crossiant, chocolate croissant, strawberry rhubarb scone and a chocolate cherry scone. We decided to all share so we could taste everything. They were all really, really good. If I had to pick one favorite it would be the almond raspberry crossiant, the strawberry rhubarb scone was right up there as well. I managed to make an egg white omelet with some roasted veggies and mozerella to balance these out with a little protein lol.

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