Monday, August 2, 2010


Two years ago I married my "sweetie". It was one of the best days of my life by far. In honor of us, we decided to go out to dinner on Saturday night to celebrate, afterall, we did get married on a Saturday so it felt more like our anniversary. We decided to go to Geja Cafe. I had been there once before years ago and Mike had never been. It is known for being one of the most romantic restaurants in Chicago, but even better, they serve fondue and when done right fondue is GOOD!

Once we were seated, first and foremost, we ordered a bottle of wine. I just love the Cueva de las Manos Malbec, and noticed that on the wine list was the Cabernet Sauvignon. A new variety, delicious winery. Score! After selecting our dinners we started with the Geja Salad, it was light, crisp and fresh! Next came an amazing cheese fondue served with fruit such as apples, grapes and bread. My favorite course by far!

The main course was up next, I ordered the veggies and asked for broth as well as oil, I remembered last time I had fondue the oil was so good, but so heavy, so I wanted to be able to mix. Mike ordered veggies with steak, lobster, chicken and scallops! I may or may not have stole a shrimp or scallop or two, but it didn't matter, there was a lot of food!

Right about this time Vince Vaughan and his posse came and sat right next to us! My heart skipped a few beats, I am guilty of celebrity stalking. The rest of my night consisted of listening in on his conversation lol. That is, until the dessert course came! Chocolate fruit, marshmallows and poundcake dipped in chocolate with a great cup of coffee, I died!!

Unfortunately I only managed to snap a few photos! Once Vince was there I felt awkward taking snap shots even though I kept telling Mike, "I do it all the time"!!

Here are the few I got:

On to bigger and better...

Twing = 2 years + new bling!

I finally met my jewelery soulmate at Jewelers Row last time Mike and I went. This is one of my favorite ways to spend a Saturday, perusing the jewelers cases and amazing designs. I wasn't really expecting to change my setting but when I tried this one on, my eyes lit up and I couldn't stop smiling. This is the same thing that happened the first time I met Mike, so I new the bling was mine! It's funny because when we were looking prior to getting engaged this is EXACTLY what I wanted. Problem was A. I couldn't find this setting anywhere and was too nervous to have something custom made and B. I felt I needed something more unique.

Well, I've had my new ring/aka early anniversary gift for about a month now and I'm just in love. Ladies, if you ever want to switch things up, have something made, or look at some great pieces let me know! I will take you to my jewelry soulmate! This ring was one of her designs, originally made in white gold, we had it re-made for me in platinum which took about a week. I have 3 projects in the pipeline right now with her! She is going to be, overtime, creating some amazing things for me from my original engagement ring.

As for tonight, our real anniversary, Mike and I are having a low key dinner in between his studying, and later indulging in some delicious desserts he brought home! Stay tuned for a review later this week!

Cheers to twing! xoxo


Mike said...

this is probably my favorite post ever :)

melissa said...

DAMMMMMN girl, look at that ring TWING TWING. haha I know I've seen it, I just wanted to say that.
Glad you guys had a good night and I'm so jealous you got to see hottie vince. xoxoxooxoxo

Kelsey said...

love the new layout! and I LOVE the new ring... very "you" lol