Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Former Vegetarian Returns To Vegetarianism

While meandering through Barnes and Noble a few weeks ago this book caught my attention. Recently, a friend of mine had mentioned it to me when I questioned her slower drinking pace. She said to me, "I'm not drinking beer anymore, becoming a vegetarian again, and I want to quite smoking because I read the book Skinny Bitch." I thought, huh... I could use some motivation post wedding so I picked it up.

Skinny Bitch is a very tough love, in your face read. (no surprise from the title) I'm about half way through, I stopped at the graphic animal cruelty section, it got to be a bit much for me. I'll start reading it again in Mexico. The book is pretty harsh, which I find aggravating at times, but the authors certainly make some good points and I have actually made a few life changes since beginning this book:

1. I came out of my 10 year vegetarianism for about 6 months it was fun, but I am a vegetarian again. Even though I ate organic meat, minimally processed and bought vegetarian fed and cage free when possible, I can't be certain that the animals are being treated properly before they become my meal, and for that reason I can't support the industry.

2. I have given up dairy and found a new love. Dairy products are filled with growth hormones used to increase milk production from the cows among many other pesticides and chemicals. I certainly don't want that crap in my body, so I'm sticking to soy milk and products. Now, if someone hands me a chocolate chip cookie I'm not going to turn it down because it's made with butter, but when making my own food it will be dairy free! O, and my new love Starbucks Soy Lattes! An expensive addiction but so super tasty.

3. I have cut back my alcohol intake. The past three weeks I've only indulged in a few cocktails. I love a nice stiff drink, but alcohol causes dehydration and bloating.

4. Green Tea! I used to drink a lot of tea years ago, but stopped over time. Now I'm up to about three to four cups a day, decaf or I would not be sleeping.

5. Soda, I used to drink one a day, now I'm down to one a week. Soda is filled with chemicals and causes bloating too, I think I can live without it.

These are the changes so far. We'll see what I get out of the next half of the book. On second thought, maybe I should read it when I'm back from Mexico.

P.S. Another tip I learned, when you eat fruit eat it before a meal or snack not after, or alone. Otherwise the fruit sits on top of the food that's digesting and starts fermenting in your belly. GROSS! Now, every morning I eat my banana and then my oatmeal.

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