Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We're Back from Mexico

Stay tuned for a blog about our trip :) In the meantime. December first was a big night for the Illinois side of the Quad Cities. It was the "soft opening" for the long awaited Jumer's Rock Island Casino. The first "vegas style" casino in the QC. The GRAND opening is later in December.

Mike and I arrived around ten. We were amazed at the amount of people there. Where the heck did they all come from? Usually it's like a ghost town after 8pm, I guess we now know what gets Quad Citians out of their homes. While walking through security my first question was, "How late are you open?" 3am, sweet!

Mike and I walked around a bit to check out the casino. The decor is a little bit cheesy sort of 1990 Miami Vice... but it is a casino after all. The gaming area is just one floor, which is nice for the old people. There are 4 or 5 restaurants. One buffet, a diner, an upscale steakhouse, and a cafe is what I saw. There is a massive bar in the center of the casino, this is what you see in Vegas. They make it easy to find the booze, one of my biggest complaints about the riverboats. Speaking of rivers, you won't find this casino on one, it's built on a "riverside" structure aka land with a stream underneath, way to bend the rules! The casino is also smoke free, although they sell these vaporous nicotine sticks and cigars.

Our visit was pretty short. I lost $20 on Wheel of Fortune in a matter of minutes. I was pretty bummed that I never got a spin, the three machines next to me probably got about 20(no joke) while I played. After gaming we decided to go to the nightclub, Edge. Lots of red lights and glitter, two of my favorite things, made for a great atmosphere but the music was super lame. I'm all for 90's music, but a dorky white guy playing Sir Mix a Lot and Vanilla Ice come on! In my opinion, the music did not fit the classy club vibe the casino was going for. The drink menu was very impressive. A great martini list, several types of margaritas, rum drink, including a new favorite of mine the Cubre Libre(fancy name for rum and coke), popular in mexico. The drinks range from $6-8. Despite the fact that the drinks sounded good, we weren't actually able to try one. After two songs by our friend the dj and watching the 4 cocktail waitress's chat it up at the bar, we left after not being served. We headed to Mac's Tavern in Davenport for a couple of good night dirty martinis. Those were another story, let's just say we managed to get them down.


Julie said...

I forgot to tell you! Michael, Lindsey and I went to the casino spur of the moment Friday... We also went into the Edge and the cocktail waitresses just stood at the bar for probably 20 minutes and never once came to ask if we needed anything. I also lost 25 on the wheel.. not a single spin.

The Adventuresome Road to Where? said...

Wow! sounds like we had identical experiences. So, did you get a drink?

Becky said...

Just what the QC needs...another casino! I can't believe you lost on Wheel....that's your game!