Thursday, December 4, 2008

It was a Tofurky Thanksgiving at the Brown Casa

Before we left for Mexico, I decided to make my annual Tofurky. I look forward to having Tofurky at Thanksgiving all year, and usually can't resist and make a few during the year as well. This year I didn't go all out on the fixens since I knew we'd be eating a lot in Mexico. I kept it fairly simple, making a baste of soy sauce, sage and olive olive for the Tofurky along side of carrots and potatos lightly coated in butter. This made for a healthy, meat free, pre-Thanksgiving dinner. The leftovers came in handy since Mike loves Tofurky sandwhiches for lunch!

This weekend I am going to start some holiday baking, including fleur de lis sugar cookies ;) Should be fun decorating them. If anyone has an icing recipe you recommend, please send it my way!

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