Monday, February 23, 2009

Blogging from bed

I've been in bed since about 4:30. After a long day of feeling like crap I picked up some Aleve and some orange soda, always sounds good when I'm sick, headed home, grabbed Dixie and went to bed.

My body aches, my neck glands are swollen, and my head hurts. Unfortunetely I have not lost my appetite which is the only perk to getting sick. Mike is busy so I've been taking care of myself which reminded of the times when I was sick, single and loving alone. One time I got the kind of flu that took me out for an entire week. That REALLY sucked. Luckily it was pre-Dixie so there were no potty trips outside. Poor me lol.

So anyways, tonight I've been drinking green tea, made some mac and cheese and watching bad tv. Let's just hope I make it to work tomorrow since I have no paid time off until August. poo

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