Thursday, February 26, 2009

My day just got a lot better!

My favorite band ever, ever, ever just released a new video, a track called "Wrong" from their album that comes out April 21. Depeche Mode are also going on tour once again to support their newest work which will be nothing short of a masterpiece I'm sure. No tour dates posted for Chicago yet, but this may warrant a vacation planned around a concert.... I'm so excited! DM listening party April 21!

One thing that absolutely amazes me about DM is their longevity. DM was actually formed in 1976, although Dave Gahan, the front man, did not join until 1980. 1980! Photographic, the bands first single debuted. To me, a band that can stand the test of time, and continue to reinvent themselves across a span of 29 years? Phenomenal.

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