Sunday, February 8, 2009

Giving up my animal crackers

I recently developed an addiction to hy-vee brand animal crackers. Mike had been buying them for a few weeks to take in his lunches and one night I grabbed a few not thinking much of it...BUT these were the tastiest animals crackers I'd ever had! I must have been used to the lowfat, dry, bland version. These aren't high fat or anything but I know they are made from all the refined sugars and white stuff that is not good for me. Since my addiction has become a bowl a night I think it's time we part ways. So, tomorrow I'm starting to focus on healthy eating hardcore again, YAY! hahah. I've got some almonds, plently of fruit, a hard boiled egg and some tuna packed for breakfast and lunch. I'm also on my second week of pilates classes so hopefully I'll lose my winter gut in time for summer!

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