Friday, February 27, 2009

this week was a real bitch

So, I started getting sick last Saturday, luckily Mike told me to "live it up" Saturday before the plague kicked my butt and so I did. This week I did not go to the gym once. During a normal week I go Monday-Wednesday, take off Thursday and finishes the week with a long Friday evening workout before starting my weekend. A week minus working out freed up a lot of my time. I couldn't really enjoy the extra time, especially with one bedridden day in there, but I was able to watch a few more movies, read a few more blogs and catch up on some DVR'd shows.

Mike and I watched Pineapple Express on Wednesday night, it was pretty ok, kinda funny at times, a typical stoner movie. Thursday after work we finally saw Twilight... let's just say I know now what all the Robert Pattinson buzz is about. Talk about my high school fantasy come to life. I even had to buy the second book in the series, New Moon, today just to hold me over until the movie comes out this November. I know I'm a dork and now I'm watching one of my all time favorites Say Anything. Lloyd Dobler, I'll always have a soft spot for him.

Ya, it's been a bitch of a week, but at least I made the best of it. O and btw, I'm still sick!

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