Sunday, January 17, 2010

Chi Town Situation

This weekend Mel and JJ came into town! We had a weekend of many firsts, Mel lost her fist pump virginity. We battled it out at Black Rock and definetly vibed off one another. O, did I mention we watched a Jersey Shore marathon? LOL.

We had a great time though. We spent some time at Dave and Busters:

Had a great dinner at D'Augustinos and all experienced the deliciousness of sweet tea and vodka. YUM. Sunday we did a little shopping at Trader Joes, hit up the Crate and Barrel outlet and grubbed on Chipotle while keeping up with our marathon.

Now, if only I can get them here more often!


The Rusk's said...

Looks like you all had a fun-filled weekend! I would think it should be EXTREMELY easy to get them back to visit you!

melissa said...

we'll be back in feb.
thanks for the fun weekend, xoxoxoxo.

melissa said...

Bye the way... LOVE the jersey shore references ;) it's on in 1 minute

Kelsey said...

looks like fun :) I had a jersey shore marathon yesterday! haha