Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Squirrel Meet Skunk!

Most of you have had the pleasure of meeting my perfect little angel bug, Dixie. She is the sweetest, possibly the loudest, 10 pound bundle of joy I have ever come across. Well, that is most of the time. When she gets around her toys she turns into a crazy little monster bug!!

Dixie's Grandma Mashl bought her an amazing toy for Christmas this year. For all of you dog people out there you will appreciate this. Dixie received a stuffing free toy! It's a toy with none of that tempting stuffing to pull out which causes the toy to be destroyed in a matter of minutes and also makes a mess BUT is still has the squeakers. I cannot say enough about these clever toys! They are called Skinneeez and I found a link to a site that sells them!

Unfortunately squirrel did meet his match, Finn got ahold of him. You can see he is still intact, just not as cute and squirrely as he once was. Fortunately, last weekend Gma Mashl sent skunk!! Skunk is a total upgrade, and even though he was meant for Finn, Dixie claimed him as her own!

Check out some great action shots:


melissa said...

dixie makes me smile ;)

furlong family said...
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