Sunday, January 31, 2010

Blue Additions

A while back I blogged about one of my favorite artists, George Rodrigue and a project I was working on to incorporate some of his artwork into my home without busting my bank account.

Well, I am happy to report I did finish this project a few months ago! I ended up ordering two art books to get the final result that I wanted. It took me a while to decide which prints I wanted to use. I wanted to make sure there was an element in the 5 that I chose that tied them all together, I also wanted to make sure the ones I chose would pop on our light blue wall.

Take a look:

Surprisingly I didn't end up using my favorite print.

I thought that the blue based prints would blend in to much with the walls and the rest of the room. I opted for yellows and pink so that these doggies would really stand out!

This ended up being a pretty simple project. I scanned in the prints I chose, printed the small ones off on photo paper and ordered the large one from Shutterfly. For the framing I bought them all at Ikea and used the mats that came with them the small frames. The large print didn't quite work with the mat that came with the frame so I went to a framing shop and had them cut a mat in the size I needed. All in all this project cost around $150 including the books! I hope George doesn't mind that I am borrowing his artwork. I mean I did pay for the books, and I plan on buying a print or an original someday!

O, and the little ham wanted to pose with her blue dog friends!


Kelsey said...

those look great! And I do love the more colorful backgrounds... really does make them "pop" :)

ps- my bangs were pinned back over the weekend... the showering situation in the hostel was questionable... so my hair was definitely suffering lol

The Adventuresome Road to Where? said...

thanks kels! i understand the bangs.. i have been known to wash them only in desperate situations! lol