Thursday, April 3, 2008

Champagne and Lodging

Well, it's almost Friday and Mike and I are planning to head on over to Iowa again to take care of some business. We still have so much to do...tonight we are going to make a list of the things we want to get done this weekend. One thing we will be doing is dragging our bums out of bed Sunday morning to have brunch at the Lodge in Bettendorf. We are also going to take a look at the rooms there to see if this is the hotel we will recommend people stay at. I myself would like to make my way to the Black Bear Lounge after our reception to enjoy some champagne and more dancing! Some other hotels we are thinking of are Stoneycreek Inn Moline, the Radisson Davenport, Holiday Inn Rock Island and the Isle of Capri Bettendorf. We are planning on getting a block of rooms once we decide which hotel we will suggest people stay at. That info will go out with the invites. Until then, the links for the hotels are below if you want to take a look!


Kelsey said...

speaking of champagne... are you IDing at this wedding? if so, there might mysteriously be 2 Alysia Rusks showing up! JUST KIDDING (kind of)

Angie and Mike's Wedding said...

hahah, i think you will be ok! i doubt the bartender will question you...and if he/she does there will be lots of plus 21-ers to assist you :)


furlong family said...

what time do you plan the festivities to take place? will you have an afternoon ceremony and evening reception???????

Alysia Lynn Rusk said...

Hey Angie and Mike, This blog is a great idea. I love all your ideas so far. Hopefully the weather is nice, I think it would be so awesome to have the ceremony outdoors. I will be checking this page and looking forward to any updates!!!! Its going to be here before you know it!!!

Angie and Mike's Wedding said...

Well... we have the ceremony venue from noon till five which is AWESOME... although our ceremony won't be until 4. We are thinking everyone will get to the station around 5:30, dinner will be around 6:30. We'll have the space until midnight! So, the festivities may continue after, and maybe at the Lodge!


Angie and Mike's Wedding said...

Hey Alysia!

Thanks for checking out the blog! We are really hoping for good weather and are planning everything as if it will be outdoors, but if we end up in the chapel it'll still work :)