Sunday, April 27, 2008

We did so much!!

Well it's Sunday night and Mike and I are relaxing with a glass of wine after a fun-filled weekend!

Friday we were both able to get out of work early so we could make it to Iowa by early evening. We were really excited to have dinner at Huckleberry's, the restaurant we were considering for our rehearsal dinner. I'd eaten there sometime in high school, but not since then so we were unsure. Turns out we LOVED it! It's a cute pizza, italian place in the District of Rock Island, very quaint with a touch of Chicago!! Needless today say, we booked! After dinner we went to a martini bar with the fam and then met up with Mel Mel and JJ later for a night cap.

Saturday we had a lot on our agenda. First stop. a local vendor where we picked out our gift that we will be giving our guests at our wedding. Just a hint, yuummmm..but we'll keep it a surprise for now! Next stop was a visit to our cake baker Jeff. Upon arrival Jeff made a comment on how I sent him "quite the package"..basically I sent him some ideas to use as inspiration when designing our cake. Jeff showed us a picture of his design and I was speechless. It was perfect and I am so excited to see the real thing! Jeff then gave us three different flavors that we had selected to taste. We took them back to my parents and clearly had a favorite! All I can say is that Mike and I are still talking about how good this flavor was and how we can't wait to eat it again! So, we definetely had a clear winner.

Later in the afternoon we meet with a potential officiant Rev. Roger Butts. We chatted with him and got to know each other over a couple hours. We really took a liking to him, he even had us both a little teary at one point. So, Rev. Butts will be marrying the Brown's on Aug 2.

After all the events of the day we went out for a fun dinner with Mom, Dad, Mel and JJ and then out to the Lodge. While Mike and I were enjoying a drink when we got all sappy again since we will be staying there on our wedding night.

All in all it was an excellent weekend! I feel very relieved since we were able to accomplish so much!!


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