Wednesday, April 9, 2008

back to square 1

All this talk about the Abbey and its possible conversion got me thinking back to why Mike and I picked it to begin with. Both the Abbey and the Abbey Station are almost 100 years old. Many of the orginal details have been kept up or fully restored to look as beautiful as ever. I love the beautiful celings in the ballroom and detailing that makes me feel like I am in France(lol). That being said, this was not that easy of a decision to come to, one reason being that the outside of the Station does lack some aesthetic appeal. I mean it is still on the train tracks and in the middle of some box cars. Regardless, Mike and I both felt this place was the most "us" of all that we looked at. We had a lot of fun looking at other places and I really enjoyed exploring the QC again for the first time in years. Here are some of the places we looked at that were on the top of our list before we decided. Two are from Stoney Creek Inn and the other is the Blackhawk Lodge...and then some pretty churches before I learned they don't joke about having to be a member in order to be married in their facilities.

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melissa said...

Stoney Creek is so pretty :)
But the Station is so u!!