Monday, April 14, 2008

just another manic monday

Mike and I took a much needed break from planning this weekend and did a lot of sleeping! This week we have a couple of goals.. picking a limo service, a rehearsal dinner site, ceremony music, and getting our save the dates printed and in the mail. I'm most excited about the save the dates! Erin, one of my bridesmaids and a super talented designer, has created some lovely options for me to pick from. They look awesome!!

Another thing I am considering is to hire a "day of" wedding coordinator. I know if I don't have someone making sure everything is getting done and vendors are showing up throughout the day I will be very nervous! I will be talking to her later in the week.

Still a lot going on... an a lot I would like to share, but there has to be some surprises!

p.s. hotel info will be posted soon!!


Becky said...

Erin is doing the save the dates? Cool! Weren't you going to work with Julie on the menu? That would be great, she'd be really good at that!

Angie and Mike's Wedding said...

Julie and I were going to create a menu if I went with a different venu. Would have been fun and cool but the Abbey has a menu already in place that we can pick from. Don't worry though, there will be a yummy vegetarian option for us!!