Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Super Exciting Weekend!

It's Wednesday but I am already getting ready for the weekend! Erin will be in town from Kansas City so we will be doing lots of eating, drinking and shopping. We will also be visiting Paper Source hunting for the perfect paper for my save the dates! I can't wait to get them printed and out the door!! It will seem official to me then!

Also, limo has been booked.. yay! Another thing to ease the stress :)


melissa said...

You're so pretty in all your slideshow pics :) Have fun w/ Erin this weekend... see u next weekend xoxox love u

Your Aunt Lynn said...

It's been fun catching up with the blog and seeing what you've been up to. Looks like you've been busy and have accomplished a lot! So, here's what I have to say about what's been posted...1) I'm glad the Abbey is still working out for you 2) I was able to read between the lines and figured out that you found your dress AND was hung over that Sunday morning 3) There better not be TWO Alysia's at your reception! and 4) That wasn't a very nice comment Kelsey made about Alysia (insinuating that she would not be able to figure out that you found the perfect dress)...actually, I didn't like her comment directed to me either! Sounds like you have a fun weekend planned. We're going to be in Chicago this weekend and will be attending an Italian wedding....Tony and Tina are getting married tomorrow night!! Happy paper hunting - can't wait to receive the save the date!!!

furlong family said...

have fun with your friends making "save the date" mailers, eventhoug i have already saved the date. i'm sure the girls will argue over who gets to put it in their scrapbook! sounds like everything is very exciting, and very expensive. i'm glad my girls are still pretty young!


Angie and Mike's Wedding said...

they must be pros at getting married by now! you got lucky, the weather was GREAT here this weekend!!

p.s your post was cracking me up!


Angie and Mike's Wedding said...

i think i am on track for getting the save the dates and hotel info out this week!!!

o, and i'll send you guys a few so there's no fighting! haha


Becky said...

Angie and Mike - We need a weekend update! Did you choose your save the date cards/magnets/flyers/whatever the kids are doing these days?