Monday, April 7, 2008

deep breath

It may appear as though I have been slacking here... but that's not the case! This weekend was another jammed packed one spent planning. We spent Saturday and Sunday in the QC again. I was estatic to get one major "to do" checked off my list, you can probably guess but I won't say :) Mike and I also took a little tour of some rooms at the Lodge Hotel in Bettendorf and decided that even though we both LOVE this hotel, we will probably recommend our guests stay somewhere a little closer to the Abbey Station.. but we'll see. I have to say the Lodge has an amazing brunch on Sunday, next time I plan to be feeling better so I can enjoy the UNLIMITED champagne. We also decided where we want our rehearsal dinner but need to confirm they are available. A couple more key things to go and I will be very relieved!

O, and I've been spending some time on lately. Below are a couple of my favorite weddings I've seen.


melissa said...

hungover? You trash bag...xoxoxo
Oh by the way I'll say it for you... she got a dress :) (for those of us who aren't great at reading between the lines)

KELSEY said...

thank you for clearing that up in case Alysia reads this =]