Saturday, June 27, 2009

Just me and the boys

This morning Mike and I got up at a productive 9am. Much to his dismay, we started our morning off with a 2 mile run. I told him he'd thank me later when our workout was out of the way and I could be in my happy place early on, as opposed to being crabby all day until I hit the gym. After our run we headed down to the Farmers Market. Normally we take Dixie, but today we decided to give Finn the benefit of the doubt and let him prove to us that he could go and not be an a$$hole.

Believe it or not he did a good job! There were a few shakey moments when other dogs made him a little skiddish, but other than that he was a good boy. People love him too, it gets a little old if you ask me, but Mike seems to enjoy all the compliments and attention Finn gets. O and even better, Finn took a huge dump right by the people who were protesting the Gay Pride Fest, hahah.

At the market we got delicious New Orleans style coffees again, I swear these are so good, they are half my motivation to get out of bed on Saturdays. Along with our coffees I ate two yummy gluten free blueberry muffins from my favorite booth and Mike had a iced cinnamon mini bread from his favorite booth. I bought a zucchini and we picked up some yummy organic dog treats for the babies. I plan to go back on Tuesday and stock up on more veggies! 3-6 if anyone would like to join me!


melissa said...

Sounds like another fun trip to the farmers market!!
maybe i'll actually go this saturday xoxoxoox

The Adventuresome Road to Where? said...

I won't hold my breath. You say that every week and then you are always too hungover. Lush