Friday, June 26, 2009

Somebody get me a quarter!

Another "to do" next week is figuring out where the heck we want to live. Our lease is up here in Iowa August 1. It is tempting to sign again for 6 months and continue riding out my unemployment while Mike does another semester here but I know that is not a wise decision. At this point, staying in Iowa really isn't an option if I want to get back on track as there are NO jobs in product development and very few in marketing.

The easiest thing for us would be to go back to Chicago. Our rent would stay about the same as here and Mike has already gone through the process of applying to the Social Work program at North Eastern. Mike and I love Chicago, but it does feel a little bit like taking steps backwards rather than moving forward. Then we start to think about other options like Nola or Austin, Texas or out east. This could be a great time for us to try something new and keep exploring.

We don't have too long to decide. I hate big decisions and when in doubt I have a method I use to determine what's next. Rather than agonizing over things Mike and I have been known to flip a coin, yes, it's true. We flip a coin and we go with it. I mean, really, what do we have to lose?


Brooke W said...

Flip for moving to Phoenix! You can stay with us!

The Adventuresome Road to Where? said...

Phoenix is tempting! I'd love to spend some time in the dessert, especially in about 4 months when it's cold as hell here!

melissa said...

Keep your asses in IOWA you a-holes... u can't abandon me:( :( :(