Friday, June 19, 2009

what is time?

Now that I am unemployed, well I take that that I am employed by the government and snapping out of my funk, I'm realizing all the time I have on my hands. Today is the first day, since the ax fell last Friday, that I feel like myself again. I've got the lists going in my head of all the things I've wanted to do for years but not had time. After I catch up on some things I let go this week, laundry, cleaning, my workouts... I'll get to some of the fun stuff. Like, reading many, many books I've collected but had no time for. Catching up on some television series I've always wanted to watch..Sopranos. Lot's of new workouts, figuring out my sewing machine..finally!! And having some nice heart to hearts with myself about what I want to do with my life, lol.

I promise that I won't be posting countless pictures of my animals, now that they are who I spend the majority of my time with... but I have figured out their daily routine and think it's kind of funny. I'm not sure they are setting the best example for their mommy.

Kira likes to eat, and sits by her food most of the day, well when she's not napping.

Finn gets plenty of beauty sleep, can't you tell? He pretty much plants himself where ever I am, unless I put him outside for his naps. He loves the sun.

Dixie sticks to the futon in the office. This used to be my couch when I lived alone and she was a puppy. She prefers it to anything else in the house.

And my new routine is some variety in my diet! Look at this yummy, healthy breakfast. Eggwhites, a veggie sausage, whole wheat toast and some fresh strawberries!

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melissa said...

those are some funny babies.
your breakfast looks bomb