Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The World Is Officially My Oyster!

At least when it comes to being a fangbanging vampire lover! For those of you who are wondering what the heck I'm talking about, I am referring to the vampire phenomenon that's possessed the world. Now, I have been living this phenomenon since I was in my early teens. I read a book called 'Lost Souls' by Poppy Z Brite which led me down the road of vampire fiction and eventually to non-fiction. Many of these books still grace my bookshelves to this day. Vampires Among Us, Piercing the Darkness, Personal Darkness...just to name a few.

I obsessed with this culture throughout my teenage years. I wrote short stories about a young woman meeting her vampire lover. While lying in bed my vampire soulmate would sneak through my window, his name was Andrew, we'd run off together into the night and live a life filled with love and darkness. Sound familiar? Imagine how pissed I was when, years later, these Twilight books started flying off the shelves. Apparently my teenage fantasy was not that different from others.

Despite my bitterness I managed to watch the movie several months after it was released and, well, loved it! So much so that I am now hooked on the series. Even better than Twilight though, the HBO series True Blood. Seriously, this show was made for me, a modern day vampire story based in Louisiana? Jackpot! When I first began watching this show I thought, please, please, please catch on. I must have multiple seasons of this! Once I heard it was created by Alan Ball, he also created Six Feet Under, I knew my show was safe!

This Sunday the second season of True Blood will debut and I, for one, cannot wait! To further the vampire marketing craze, I read today that BMW/Mini Cooper has an ad campaign hitting billboards nation wide that target faux vamps. Several other products have jumped on the bandwagon as well! Harley-Davidson, Gillette,, and Geico. Unbelievable! I will say this stings a little, I grew up feeling like a freak and turns out my ideas could have made me millions. Had I only known, sigh.

On the otherhand, maybe all this public acceptance means vampires will start coming out of the closet...that fantasy of mine might still come true afterall!


Brooke W said...

Your crazy. I think I have the whole twilight series of books so let me know if you want me to bring you any when I come this summer! By the way you scare me little...but you probably like that.

melissa said...

haha i love your comment brooke!
however, i grew up with the girl who loved vampires, and i must say... you missed your calling! you COULD be making millions off your love for vampires. coulda, should, woulda! xoxoxoxoxo

The Adventuresome Road to Where? said...

hahaha, don't be least not until i start sleeping upside down ;)

Brooke W said...

haha lol. I bet you had Mike wear fangs on your wedding night.:)

The Adventuresome Road to Where? said...

actually i didn't but you just gave me a great idea. hahahah.

Brooke W said...