Friday, September 4, 2009

all in a days work...

yesterday i spent the entire day painting our bedroom, not only the walls but the trim and closet as well. let's just say by the end of the day i was cursing manual labor and vowed to never take on a job like this again. enough time has passed now and i'm ready for more!! take a look at the before and after:


seriously? who the hell would paint their bedroom to look like a prison cell? AND why the hell has no one changed it since 1991!! that's right, this masterpeice was signed and dated, someone was sure proud!


the next tenants can thank me!

next up living room! (gotta save some $$ first)


melissa said...

looks good

Vanessa said...

Wow - you did a great job! Stylish and relaxing!

Blasé said...

I kind of agree with Melissa.
But, I would carry it a bit further by saying that it its 'very good'.

melissa said...

God... I was looking at the pics again, who would like the before paint?! That was pretty awful, I'm glad that you painted:)