Monday, September 7, 2009

a busy week awaits me

A while back I mentioned I was interviewing with a company in Massachutes. I didn't go into much detail at the time because I didn't want to jinx myself. Last week I was offered a position and in true hurry up and decide fashion, I had about a day to think it over since I would need to start training this Wednesday. Well, after a sleepless night and a lot of back and forth I decided to go for it!

Tomorrow morning I will be flying out to Northampton, MA and start training on Wednesday. I will be there until the 18th, which is a REALLY long time. I'm not quite sure how I will spend the weekend there or fill all my downtime, probably watching lots of tv and getting some good sleep, hopefully some good workouts too! I am going to miss Mike and the babies sooo much and I am a little worried for them, but they will manage.

As for the job. I will be wearing a couple of different hats. First, I will be traveling about 25% of the time to multi-million dollar estates cataloging and appraising everything from original artwork, to couture clothing to custom furniture. Think Andy Warhol paintings, Chanel boots and one of a kind pieces. The rest of my time will be spent working on various tasks from home which I think is a real bonus.

For now this is considered a part time position because of the varied workload. This means that on slow weeks I still get to claim my unemployment. I still get to sponge of the government some! As the business continues to grow, and with the opening of an office in Evanston, the hope is that my position will become full-time in the near future. For now, this is a great transition for me to ease back in to the working world and something outside of the corporate retail environment I was so, so burnt out on.

I'll have plently of time to blog the next 10 days, so stay tuned!

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