Wednesday, September 2, 2009

an anniversary gift

A few days ago we received a box in the mail from Mike's Grandma Mashl. We had a nice vist with her when we were out East and talked a lot about the recession and how it's affected Mike and myself. Mike's Grandma is 96 and was in her twenties during the Great Depression, she made some interesting comparisons to then and now. At any rate, Mike is a student and I am unemployed so we've had to adjust our life styles during these tough times.

When I opened the box I was very surprised at its contents! I thought, wow, Grandma Mashl must think we are really struggling, and then I thought, well this stuff will sure come in handy.

It wasn't until later that Mike explained to me that for your first anniversary you are to receive paper! Ooooooooo, now it makes since. How cute of his Grandma!

I did a quick google search to refresh my memory on what each year of marriage stands for and I found this!

I must say that I am really looking forward to our 55th and our 75th!


melissa said...

awwww that was really nice! how thoughtful. lol i can picture your confusion about all the paper products hahaha. Anyways, super sweet of her. and I bet it is similar to her days of the depression

Mike said...

so according to tradition, in 4 yrs you'll be getting a nice new wooden ring :)jk jk