Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Beautiful Last Weekend!

I almost forgot to blog about the annual Brew Ha Ha we went to last weekend in the Quad Cities. The Brew Ha Ha is a new tradition that me and my sis and our hubs have picked up. It's a beer fest and well, there is a comedian. This year the weather was perfect and it was just what I needed after ten days of training for my new job out East!

My favorite beer this year was, surprisingly, a sweet and fruity one. I say surprisingly because I am usually not a huge fan of the sweet beer but this was great and organic! Sam Smith Organic Cherry Ale

And a few more pics!

Thumbs up and middle fingers up!

No humping at the Brew HA HA!

Me and mine like to "Get Bent!"

I hope Jeff looks at this, clicks on the picture and sees his childhood friend in the background! Close your curtains!

Sissy in laws!

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