Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the ups and the downs

i feel fat. that makes me not want to blog or do anything. i gave up my gym membership when i was eliminated aka shitcanned from my job...and it's taking its toll. i found out that the YMCA gives assistance to those experiencing tough times. i filled out the paperwork monday including a typed document explaining my circumstances and have to wait 3 weeks to hear back. damn, i'll be plus another ten by then. boo.

p.s. as i'm typing this the couch seriously made a bad noise, structural damage maybe


melissa said...

i've been looking into the Y too. Just got a email from golds i can join for 34 a month, and no sign up fees

The Adventuresome Road to Where? said...

hmmm, the Y does a sliding scale if you are unemployed, a student, veteran or just plan poor. try it out. but 34 for golds is a great deal if you can deal with all the douchebags and soccer moms

melissa said...

I think I'm goin to try the Y... well after i see how much it will be
fyi, that pic looks like you've lost a few lbs since last weekend????