Saturday, September 12, 2009

tying up some loose ends

I've been meaning to blog about a couple things that happened right before I left for Mass. First, I had to make sure the house was in order. I'm sure I drove Mike crazy the weekend before because I kept giving him all sorts of tips like, "If you don't want the dish towel to get stinky hang it over the faucet so it can dry out" and "I usually vacuum the floors every other day, so you might want to do that" and "Don't forget to clean Kira and Dixie's eyes, brush them, clean Finn's ears and spray his anti-inch stuff on his spots." LOL. Eventually I had to shut myself up because he is a grown man afterall.

Anyways, a mother cannot leave a dirty baby, so angel got a bath:

What a little ugly bug! (only until I blowdry her)

After a day of packing and tying up loose ends, I had my goodbye dinner with my sweetie. We ended up going to a place a few blocks from our place called El Tinajon which serves Guatemalan food. Now, you know it was good if I am making time to blog about it 5 days later!

What I ordered:

This combination was amazing and all veggie! There were plantains that were awesome along with a tamal, potato taco, and a chilaquile if I remember correctly. O, and bonus, the sangria was awesome!! O and sorry for the crappy cell pic.

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