Monday, April 12, 2010

a picture is worth a thousand words

It's times like these I am REALLY glad I carry my camera around with me. Since I've been so busy it is a great reminder of the things that happened this past week. This past Thursday Mike got a random text from a cousin. His cousin Casey was in Chicago for work and had a few hours to get together! Mike and Casey hadn't seen each other in maybe 10 years or so, so when she showed up at our apartment, as I controlled the dogs, I could hear them both a little shocked to see their adult selves face to face! After a little bit of catching up and some introductions to Finn, Dixie, Kira and me, we headed off to show Casey Chicago. It was already 9:00 so we drove down the block to Wrigley, then headed to one of our fav neighborhood bars, Black Rock. We had some drinks, Casey and Mike caught up and it was a great time. We parted ways and Casey headed back to her hotel to catch a 7am flight back to Florida, yikes!

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